On this site you will find information related to the transition to and maintaining of natural or more specifically loc’d hair.

The term “natural” refers to hair that is free from processing or chemicals due to relaxing or texturizing.


“Locking” of natural hair is the process of allowing twisted or braided hair to remain intertwined permanently allowing them to “lock” in that form.


Making the decision to lock your hair can be a difficult one. It is, for some, a decision to rebel against the slavery mentality and notion that natural black hair is ugly, dreadful and less desirable than “good-hair”. For some, the decision may be made out of frustration with time-consuming chemical treatments and styles. And for others, perhaps just a love for the beauty of the loc’d look itself.


Whatever your reason may be for entertaining the idea, my advice to you is to do your research. Some methods of starting locs are better for certain textures of hair than others, and once you’re loc’d you’re loc’d until you chop. So, make educated choices so that you will be happy with the end result.

Yours with love,