Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Organic vs. Conventional Oils

The debate continues. It is impossible to say if your hair will actually notice the difference between organic oils vs. regular grocery aisle oils. But, the fact is that manufacturers can use any chemicals, growth enhancers or pesticides that are legally available in the growing and manufacturing processes, and we all know that those are harmful to our health. But, unless you are already living a completely organic lifestyle (vegetables, fruits, meats etc.), than I do not think it will make a difference to you. So, do what suits your budget, as organic oils will be more expensive.


Essential Oils
Name Benefits for Hair
Tea Tree Oil
  • moisturizes hair
  • cleanses scalp
  • prevents dandruff
Lavender Oil
  • used to treat alopecia (hair loss)
  • increases the rate of wound healing
  • nourishes by stimulating blood flow to the roots which promotes hair growth
Rosemary Oil
  • prevents premature hair loss
  • moisturizes dry flaky scalps
  • stimulates hair follicles causing hair to grow stronger and longer
Jasmine Oil
  • moisturizes
  • provides relief from dry itchy scalp
Ylang Ylang Oil
  • balances the production of sebum
  • prevents dryness
  • promotes hair growth
  • natural conditioner
  • (very strong scent)
Oregano Oil
  • eradicates scalp problems such as inflammation, dandruff and sweat
Eucalyptus Oil
  • stimulates blood flow encouraging hair growth
  • increases hair’s luster and elasticity
  • also has insect repellent qualities useful for killing dust mites and lice
Vanilla Oil(not vanillin)
  • treats itchy dry scalp
  • increases luster
  • smells great
  • also an anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic