My Story

My HAIR Story

My hair story is like that of many others. I was relaxed by the age of 9 in order to stop the tears that many times go along with young scalps and the combing of natural hair.

However, being raised in a small town with very few black people, I am told that I actually begged my mother to relax my hair in order to fit in with my friends who could flip and toss their straight hair to their hearts content. And, I do remember being teased about the fact that my pony-tail often stood straight up in the air.

From age 11-19, I rocked the Jerry Curl in a constant pursuit of curls like those of Whitney Houston and Tyra Banks led on and coaxed by a greedy hairdresser who refused to tell me that their curls were the result of some expensive weaves.

After moving to “the big city” and being surrounded by a plethora of creative, gorgeous black hair styles, my transition out of the Jerry Curl began. But, it was during a trip to the island of Barbados that my love for locs-beautiful, long, black locs began.

My 20’s have always been au naturel, but early out covered by weaves and later on by braids and twists.

It was actually while sitting in the chair of my good friend and hair mentor, who had herself loc’d a year earlier, that I made the decision to loc my hair. I was at that time, 6 months pregnant with my 2nd set of twins, in the month of May but hotter than most springs, uncomfortable, on edge, tender scalped, cranky, with two children in utero sitting on my bladder, hair being tugged and pulled when I said to myself, “I can not go through this again”. And, that was the last time that I ever sat for 6 hours to get my hair done.

September 28, 2007, 3 months after giving birth, I had my hair twisted for the last time. I will be the first to admit that I am a phony, in the sense that I have never undergone the “big chop”, as have so many brave warriors before me. I started my locs with a good amount of natural hair on my head. They were started with the basic 2 strand twist, but braided at the roots. I am now 4 years loc’d and happier than ever.

This, friends, is my hair story.