Two-Strand Twist   
Comb Coils 

What to consider before you loc your hair…

  • Time of year:I started my locs in the fall under the recommendations of my hair mentor. There will undoubtedly be a period of time near the beginning where you locs will look less loc-like and more mop-like. This time for me, occurred during the winter, when it was easy for me to buy really nice hats to wear especially for special occasions. Now, I am not one these days to particularly care what people think about me, my clothes or my hair. So, I had no problem going to school or work with my hair in its beginning stages. However, we all have those days, where we are feeling less than cute, and I have to admit that it was nice to be able to dress myself up with various styles of hats without sweating profusely because of the heat.
  • Parts: How you part your hair will be more or less permanent although there may be some merging later on. You should make sure that there are straight parts in the areas on your head where you will need them. For example, I used to wear a lot of styles when my hair was in twists that required my head to have a part down the middle-I just liked the way it framed my face. Now, I do not have a straight part there, so it frustrates me sometimes. -Just something to think about.
  • Size: You will need to keep in mind that after locking, your locs will thicken up a bit. So make sure that you have thought about the size (as in circumference) that you will want them to be. This is also an important aspect to consider depending on the styles you would like to try. Smaller sized locs are usually easier to manipulate, but will be time consuming to re-twist when needed.
  • Length of Hair: Some methods of starting locs require a bit more length than others.
  • Texture of Hair: For example, if you have very soft/straight hair, it may be difficult for you to start your locs with twists or comb-coils, as they will not remain twisted after washing.
  • End Result: Find some pictures that represent the way you want your locs to look in a few years. You may want a very manufactured-distinctly parted-symmetrical look which is perfectly fine, or you may prefer a more free-formed looking set of locs which is just as legit.


Knowing how you feel about all of these considerations before starting your locs will allow you to more comfortably decide which start-up method you will choose.